Parent Blog

Parent of Nithila

The Montessori Method helps the kids to learn basics very easily.

Parent of Sancia

We have chosen the right method of education.

Parent of Shreevas

It helps overall learning of a kid. Daily activities learning are good practice.

of Abhiraam

Teaching the child with the materials and it’s an easy way of learning to the children.

Parent of Kishan Karthik

Practical method of education.

Parent of Amaal Saleekha.S

Material based education is good to learn new things.

Parent of Grace Thomas.

Different and creative, makes the kid do and understand their work and cleaning on their own.

Parent of Abir Lohia.

Keeps kids occupied and helps them to learn how to concentrate.

Parent of Naagaarchitha.

I’m in love with the Montessori Method of education.

Parent of Vandana.

Very hands on,giving child ability to explore and learn visually.

Parent of Jessica Cherylin.

To make individual independent and to grow in self-confidence.

Parent of M.Jeshta.Sai

Very impressive presentation. So much of efforts from the staff to get the children do the work which is a blissful to the parents. Thank you for the presentation and materials shown. God Bless!-

Parent of Vihaan Goyal

Thank you Vinutha for this silent walk. The materials for study are excellent. I hope Vihaan will gather more knowledge under your guidance. Thank you once again.

Parent of Mohammad Imaad . Mevegar.

Good materials.The way of presentation is very good.Teaching the child procedure is well.Good way of daily activities in silent way. We support in all respect.

Parent of Mohith Sai.V

It is good and pretty much. If our children learn properly from these nice materials it will be very much useful.

Parent of Dhanya Sri

We come to know what our children are learning. This makes us very delightful and very interesting. This kind of demonstration and opportunity we will not get from other schools.Keep up the good work. All the best.

Parent of Amelia.

We were taken through the activities which kids were doing and we understood how each work is done and how they learn everything. Thank you.

Parent of Nithila

Excellent set of activities for the kid to grow up with. I’m sure my kid will benefit from this and become better and more refined. The number counting activity was very god and very practical.

Parent of Sean

We are happy you are there for our children. Teachers busy every minute. The environment spacious and filled with happiness to keep watching. Now, we know how Sean learnt so many things. Keep it up,Unicus – We are with you. In owe of the hardwork and method approached is mesmirising.